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In April 2011 The A Work Of Heart team traveled to Kenya and put our very first building project into action.

We fundraised just over $1,000 and helped to install a cement floor on the exterior of the daycare for a more sanitary play area for the children. This was a small project, but the lessons learned and the overall experience was immeasurable.The daycare program is designed to help children who are in the age bracket of 2-5 years. These children are from families that are not able to send them to preschool for one reason or another.

“Never believe that a few caring people can’t change the world.
For, indeed, that’s all who ever have.”-
Margaret Mead


During the day in the slums, a lot of parents are out doing various jobs to earn an income. Many children are left on their own, which can be very dangerous. Because their parents cannot afford to pay for the pre-school fees, children lack active care during the day and are prone to encountering bad influences, poor hygiene, and abuse. The program gathers together the children from the slums and gives them care and protection during the day until their mothers pick them up in the afternoon. Additionally, they are introduced to early childhood education and are given at least one meal during daycare hours. Sometimes there is no food at home and this meal could be the only meal the child gets during the whole day.


The objective of the program is to develop a fully professional pre-school where the children are prepared to join the mainstream primary school institutions, which are supposed to be free for all children in Kenya. However, because of the limited funding that is provided to schools by the government, parents are charged with additional fees e.g. exam fees, school uniforms, etc.