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My first project began when I was on a student volunteer trip to Kenya. I can pinpoint it back to one moment when I was standing in a run-down internet cafe looking at a small selection of postcards for sale. The one that stood out was a Zebra in a stream of water. My teammate (who didn’t believe i could paint it), told me that if I did, he would buy it. I had never considered selling my paintings before, I had never even shown my paintings to other people before.

During my month long trip I met a little girl named Doris. She lived in the local slum where she wasn’t attending school, and getting herself in very grown up trouble. This lifestyle was certainly going to lead to a bleak future for her and it was heart breaking to observe.

Doris in school outfit

When I sold my Zebra painting, I used the money to sponsor Doris to go to boarding school. Doris is now  receiving three meals a day, a place to sleep at night, and an education that can take her miles away from the drug filled streets she use to live in.

I loved how my painting not only sold, but changed someone’s life for the better.

I wanted to do it again. I wanted to do more.