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Has A Work Of Heart Ever Travelled To Kenya?

We sure have! In April, 2011, our team travelled to Kenya and put their first building project into action. Read more about it in our blog!

I Would Love To Get Involved With A Work Of Heart!

We ‘re always looking for individuals to help make a change through art and volunteer work.

If you are an artist donate a piece of your own work. We will feature it on our social media platforms and send a portion of the proceeds to help with building projects in Kenya.

If you aren’t so much on the artsy side, no need to worry. There are always upcoming events and art shows that need volunteers. Make sure you “Like” our Facebook page, Follow us on Twitter and Instagram.

Keep checking back to the website to stay connected!

How much of the proceeds goes into your building projects?

1/3 of proceeds from our art sales will benefit our building projects in Kenya.

Can I make a donation instead?

Of Course! We are able to collect donations on this site as well. Just hit our ‘Donate’ button in the top right corner of the page.

What is the difference between a Social Enterprise and a Charity?

A ‘social enterprise’ is a business which trades to tackle social problems, improve communities, people’s lives or the environment.

Social enterprise can be a  difficult concept to grasp. A social enterprise might sound like charity work but they are businesses  trading for social and environmental purposes and there are two characteristics that they all display and these are;

  • That the enterprise sells goods and/or services in order to generate a profit;
  • That the enterprise use this profit to benefit society, instead of keeping it for private gain.

The goods or services they sell earn money and make profits like any business but it is what they do with the profits that is different.