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The Perfect Gift

A Work Of Heart is currently raising money to build Safe Haven for the children of Living Positive Kenya. Every painting purchased at this time will help fund this project.

A scarf is a staple piece of any fall outfit. This signature piece sparked an idea that coincides with the charitable model of, A Work of Heart.

The “Peek-a-Boo Heart” infinity scarf is handmade from a high quality soft acrylic yarn, making it lightweight and versatile. The bright red heart adds a pop of colour to any outfit.However, the best part of the scarf remains unseen. Proceeds of this scarf will help build Safe Haven- a home for 20 disadvantaged children living in the Mathare Slum of Kenya.To give you a bit of the backstory- I have been working with a non-profit in Kenya for the past four years, and one of their main objectives is to find sponsorship for local children to go to boarding school. By receiving sponsorship these children are taken out of the harsh realities of slum life and given the opportunity to break the cycle of poverty they were born into

However, a lot of these children don’t have a safe home to return to during school holidays and summer vacation. Sadly, they are forced to go back to the streets of the slum until school resumes.

Safe Haven will work as a home away from home for children who need a place to go when their school closes. They will each have their own bed, nutritious food, clean water, and have a caretaker on site to watch over them 24/7.

This home will be built next to a plot of farmland so they can grow crops that will produce income to keep Safe Haven afloat financially, once it’s built.

So far, the scarf has been a hit and dominating our Instagram and Facebook pages. Supporters are showing their love for their new scarf by posting a pic with the hashtag #safeandwarm.

We are really excited to see how much this scarf will raise for Safe Haven!